Get Funded.

Saving the planet is hard work.

So much effort is wasted - just trying to get funding.

HowGreen presents a unique opportunity to scale up corporate sponsorship of environmental projects.

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Partner with Business

Corporate sponsorships can help you have the biggest impact on saving nature . Our platform helps your to connect with the right sponsors, so we're basically match-making donors & the environment.

Planting Trees

Collaborate with NGOs

Join our growing database of NGOs, and partners, advertise to the environmental community how your organization is best positioned to save a species, or an ecosystem, then connect with like-minded groups, and multiply your impact on the things that mater.

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Tell your story

Tell your story to potential donors, collaborators, and the public - Why is your organization best positioned to solve a problem, save a species, or protect an ecosystem.

A gateway to Impact.

Sponsorship is just the beginning.

HowGreen presents a gateway to build connections to

consumers & businesses to impact on all environmental causes. 

For example, your organizations might also help business to reducing plastic waste, reducing carbon footprints, or building wildlife corridors.